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Fast & Efficient IT Support and Services for your business.  Save time and Money by switching to Pearce IT support services today.

Business IT Support Melbourne

For over 27 years Pearce IT has been providing specialized IT support to businesses in Melbourne.  We have the experience, knowledge and expertise you need to allow you to focus on running your business.  Allow us to focus on your IT and provide the advice you need.

What are your business IT Challenges?

No two businesses are the same. From budget to hours of operation, staff and customers unique needs, and everything else that makes your business special to your customers.

Our tailored IT services and solutions are designed to fit your business.  We will work with you to understand how your business operates and what makes your business unique.

To truly understand your business and show you what Pearce IT can do for you, we invite you to contact us for a free 30 minute consultation. Tell us about your current needs, problems or challenges.  We are available via your preferred method either in person or via phone or video.

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The pace at which technology is growing and changing every year is leaving many businesses exposed. From ransomware to cyber criminals and new technology.  It’s a minefield of jargon and evolution at a pace never seen before.

We work closely with our clients to develop a relationship and understand your business. With that relationship we work with you to develop an IT strategy specific to your business.

Matt Pearce

Founder & Director

6 Reasons your business needs outsourced IT services

We see businesses struggling to determine what infrastructure and investments in technology they need that is tailored to their particular needs. To assist you we have created a simple guide to help you determine whether outsourcing your IT support is right for your business.


IT is not your core expertise 

Your a business but IT is not your business. Dealing with the technology side of business is time consuming. Worrying about making the right choices is hard enough, but the landscape is changing so rapidly you often do not give this key area of your business the attention it needs.

An outsourced IT provider is the ideal solution for you, it allows the correct choices and security decisions without the large investment of your time.


Better cost management

All successful businesses closely watch the balance sheet.  Carefully managing costs is crucial to the long term success and profitability of any business.

Using outsourced Managed IT services allows monthly budgets to be known in advance.  Combined with the added benefits of enhanced stability and security to your IT platform.

You get all the expertise of without the need to hire and manage expensive employees.




Business Continuity

Workforces in the 21st Century are often much more transient than they were 30 years ago.  Relying on a member of staff and their knowledge is a risky proposition.

Should the employee leave and they have (often) failed to properly document the environment and key information such as passwords to key infrastructure or data, you can be left in a tricky position especially if the parting was not on good terms or unexpected due to sickness or death.


You want to become more competitive and efficient

The path to efficiency is one that encompasses many factors starting with information and advice.  From this point you start to build on a solid foundation that allows every decision to build on the last one.

This saves not only time but money and makes for a happier and more productive employees.


Improved company security

IT security is a cornerstone issue for every company, the threats are external, but also internal.  You want to sleep well at night knowing your data is safe.

Ensuring your IT infrastructure is secure internally and externally to prevent intentional or accidental loss or theft of data is crucial.

Should you experience a loss of data (malware, ransomware hacking, fire, flood, theft etc), the quick restoration of your network is key to enable your business to resume normal operations.


You’re spending too much time working in the business not on the business

Managing your IT is taking up to much of your time?  Dealing with staff complaining when things aren’t working. Deciding what infrastructure to implement. How to protect your business from cyber crime consumes much of your precious time.  Your focus should be on your core business not on IT.

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